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Dr. Bob Allen, Licensed Professional Counselor Anxiety, Depression, Self Concept, Grief, Anger, Vocational, Career, Stress, Counseling Practice

Greetings: Welcome to Atlantic Counseling of North Myrtle Beach, SC. The key to mental health, wellness, and hope is understanding the five key elements of our lives:

Emotional Influences

We are emotional beings, never far from our feelings and emotions. When we are stressed they trip us; they sneak up when least expected; support our expectations; with depression and anxiety they become confused and our emotional self becomes unbalanced.

Environmental Influences

Not only does the sunrise bring a new day, the dawn greets us with choices such as "what to wear," or "getting to work?" Each question demands an answer and retreating into depression can be one of those responses.

Relational Influences

Our balance in life is determined by relationships; we make decisions based upon the behavior and attitudes of the people around us. The people with whom we interact define out current/future expectations and self concept. Issues of intimacy and a lost relationship are troubling. Social, Vocational, and Career become stress management concerns.

Physical Influences

Relying on a pharmacological remedy is sometime like a one-way street. Without counseling or therapy it could be a dead end street. As we learn more about the inter-working of mind, body, and spirit we understand the potential for our bodies to act as a partner in recovery.

Spiritual Influences

Our spiritual component can provide strength and direction toward finding the right answers when we question "who am I." or "when will this be over," "how can I get though this" when we are faced with grief and loss

The solution to many of our concerns involves getting at the source and fighting it with the same energy that fuels it. Together we will put balance into your life and you back on success street.

Offering the Handl of Help Anxiety, Depression, Self Concept, Grief, Anger, Vocational, Career, Stress, Counseling Practice

Atlantic Counseling Practice is located at 801 11th Ave. North. North Myrtle Beach, SC. The office is in the St.Stephens Episcopal Church. Turn off of Hwy 17 at 11th Ave at Sandhills Bank.

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